• Cadena Venezolana de Plata con Dije
  • Cadena Venezolana de Plata con Dije
  • Cadena Venezolana de Plata con Dije
  • Cadena Venezolana de Plata con Dije
  • Pulsera Venezolana con Dije de Corazón
  • Cadena Venezolana de Plata con Dije

Venezuelan Bar Charm Sterling Silver Necklace


The Proud to be Venezuelan Sterling Silver Necklace, is a very delicate and simple piece of jewelry.

The word Venezolana (Venezuelan) represents us and makes us proud of where we come from.

If you are looking to surprise a Venezuelan girl and make her REALLY happy, give her this necklace… She will smile big, and will give you the tightest hug you ever received… I am sure of that.

I believe that this necklace will make your Venezuelan lady look even more beautiful.



Venezuelan Bar Charm Sterling Silver Necklace

These Sterling Silver Venezuelan necklace is the idea present for that beautiful Venezuelan Lady that you love.

Venezuelan Ladies, Beautiful and LOUD!!!

I know your Venezuelan girl is beautiful, happy and LOUD! I know it because I am one, and that is exactly how I am! LOL

For the same reason I know that she will love this necklace as a present.

It will make her happy and make her feel closer to our beautiful country

This is a great Way to make a Venezuelan happy!

All Sizes Available

Best part? They are all adjustable, so you can guess the approximate size

Extra Small: 14″ or 35 centimeters 

Small: 16″ or 41 centimeters 

Medum: 18″ or 46 centimeters de largo.

Large: 20″ or 51 centimeters

Extra Large: 22″ or 56 centimeters 

Did You Noticed The Tiny Heart Charm on the Left?

Well it is exactly how we Venezuelans feel about the country, TONS of love, a lots of pride 

Do you want free shipping?

On the right side of the shopping cart, you will see a message that tells you how much more you need to buy to get free shipping.

If it is over $100, ships free within the Continental USA

And all my orders within the USA ship Priority Mail

It is insured, has tracking services AND gets there within 3-5 days.

Email me when you receive your order and tell me what you think of it


Include a couple of pictures of you wearing them!!!! 

Cadena Venezolana de Plata con Dije

Need More Options?

Whether you have more than one Venezuelan lady in your life or if you want to buy several gift for the same…

Here you have a few alternatives


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Weight1 oz
Dimensions6 × 3 × 1 in
Necklace Length

14 Inches (35 centimeters), 16 Inches (41 centimeters), 18 Inches (46 centimeters), 20 Inches (51 centimeters), 22 Inches (56 centimeters), 24 Inches (61 centimeters)


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