Necklaces Handmade Sterling Silver for Women

Casual and elegant pieces of Sterling Silver jewelry that will motivate every lady that wears them, to make the best out of their day everyday!

Will make a great gift for a teenager, a college girl and every other female that could use some inspiration and motivation

It is an unique design, made from recycled Sterling Silver and made in small batches

Available in a variety of lengths, all customizable

This necklace will be a great gift for a group get together, or a Women Ministry group, youth program, summer and winter camp, bible study church  or any other Christian Catholic oriented group. Take advantage of a discount if you want to buy more than 6 pieces.

Keep in mind, that all the pieces are handmade, so they have slight differences when you compare them with my photos… That is exactly the beauty of handmade 

Are looking for Motivational and Inspirational Handmade Jewelry? My designs are unique elegant and delicate, a great accessory for you and your loved ones

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