How you helped MGD Casual Jewelry become a reality


I am thrilled that beautiful  ladies, that want to show off their Elegance and Casual style,wear my Collections of  Silver Jewelry, because they know that they are Unique Handcrafted pieces of Jewelry

– Marilena
MGD Casual Jewelry


Before I created MGD Casual Jewelry, I couldn’t find jewelry that reflected my simple but elegant personality and my casual style.

Then one day I found some jewelry making supplies on sale at a crafts store, stated playing with them at home and IT happened. I made a necklace that was pretty enough for me to wear it in public.

I was concerned that my taste of Handmade Silver Jewelry wasn’t what other ladies will like, since my style is rather simple.

But then…

My coworkers, friends and even strangers even strangers at restaurants and the mall, prove me wrong!!! They complimented my necklaces and other pieces I made for myself, and they got me exited and motivated to make more and try harder.

I decided I set out to create the most unique and elegant handcrafted Silver Jewelry for the most confident ladies that want to show their casual style to the world

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

The lack of training made my learning curve slower, the fact that I live in a remote town kept me away from classes that I needed to learn how to use specific tools and techniques.

But, I was determined…

So, I traveled, stayed overnight while taking weekend classes and practiced, practiced, practiced…

The first pieces were far from perfect, but I still wear them as a token of my persistence and determination to make my dream: Design and Create Casual and Elegant Silver Jewelry for the Smart, confident and driven ladies of this world.

Through it all…

We released our first products and the response has been AMAZING!!! My designs are currently wore by lots of Driven and Smart, ladies all over the world, helping them feel even more Confident and Beautiful of what they already are!