Yoga Collection Silver Jewelry

As a Yoga lover, I understand that jewelry must be comfortable but pretty, and that is exactly what I put together for my Yoga Collection Silver Jewelry

The goal was to make these Handcrafted Silver Jewelry Accessories Comfortable and Beautiful

This Yoga Collection took me about a week to design and a few more weeks to create enough pieces as inventory…

But I enjoyed every second of it!

As a matter of fact I am wearing a pair of the very dainty pink and turquoise friendship bracelet.

Come in a check out the super dainty Silver Yoga charms…

And the elegant Silver Pendants mounted in dainty Sterling Silver Necklaces

Basically, I offer a little selection of all needs for Yogis that like Silver Jewelry

All charms and pendants are inspired in Yoga poses and Yoga symbols…

Like the Lotus flower, Ohm Symbol, mandalas and the sun.

Now a little cute butterfly charm made it on it as well, just because we are also beautiful free nature lovers and butterflies represent exactly that.

I invite you to browse MGD Casual Jewelry: Yoga Silver Jewelry Collection


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