Tiny Butterfly Round Silver Charm Necklace


Keep center with you Ohm Symbol surrounded by a Lotus Flower on a round Fine Silver pendant. Design to be part of a necklace. Choose you chain type


How about a Tiny Butterfly Round Silver Charm Necklace to compliment to “I feel free and beautiful” outfit?

Personally think  they are a playful creatures

I imagine them happy, “visiting” and smelling flowers while, maybe laughing and giggling all day

So, I relate a free spirited, happy, beautiful women with butterflies

Butterflies meanings

Butterflies have different meanings depending of the culture or the religion:

But all of them represent the human soul.

Christians see a butterfly as a symbol of resurrection.

In general, people think of butterflies and changes in life, Evolution, Changes, Hope…  

No matter of culture or religion, people think that butterflies are beautiful


More details on the actual Charm and Necklace

The circular pendant measures approximately 1/2″ (1.5 centimeters) diameter

Tiny Butterfly Round Silver Charm necklace was handcrafted from recycled fine silver Its brushed finish gives it an organic look

It is been oxidized in a way that will enhance the imprint details

This pendant is intended to guide you while you flow during your day, and to make you look prettier when you wear such a cute necklace

Must be a perfect fit

Make sure you have your necklace size at the moment of ordering your Tiny Butterfly Round Silver Charm Necklace

Once you have the necklace length, select it from the drop down menu at the moment of ordering

Excellent as a gift for that Important Yogi of your life

Because you want to give her “A Different” piece of jewelry, this collection have the best alternatives

Our quality is premium and the style is quite unique

I am sure your special yogi will love it


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Weight1 oz
Dimensions6 × 3 × 1 in
Necklace Length

14 Inches (35 centimeters), 16 Inches (41 centimeters), 18 Inches (46 centimeters), 20 Inches (51 centimeters), 22 Inches (56 centimeters), 24 Inches (61 centimeters)


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