• Cadena de Plata Venezuela
  • Cadena de Plata Venezuela

Venezuela Bar Charm Sterling Silver Necklace


My Venezuela Sterling Silver Necklace, is a very delicate and simple piece of jewelry.

The word Venezuela represents where we came from and makes us very proud of it.

If you are looking to surprise a Venezuelan girl and make her REALLY happy, give her this necklace… She will smile big, and will give you the tightest hug you ever received… I am sure of that.

I believe that this necklace will make your Venezuela lady look even more beautiful.



Venezuela Bar Charm Sterling Silver Necklace

These Sterling Silver Venezuela necklace is the idea present for that beautiful Venezuelan Lady that you love.

Venezuelan Ladies... The Beautiful and LOUD!!!!

I know your Venezuelan girl is beautiful, happy and LOUD! I know it because I am one, and that is exactly how I am! LOL

For the same reason I know that she will love this necklace as a present. It will make her happy and make her feel closer to our beautiful country


When you are Happy you Smile...

This Necklace is a great way to make a Venezuelan women happy!

Need more options?

Whether you have more than one Venezuelan lady in your life or if you want to buy several gift for the same…

Here you have a few alternatives

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Weight1 oz
Dimensions6 × 3 × 1 in
Necklace Length

14 Inches (35 centimeters), 16 Inches (41 centimeters), 18 Inches (46 centimeters), 20 Inches (51 centimeters), 22 Inches (56 centimeters), 24 Inches (61 centimeters)


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