• Unicorn charm necklace Silver Jewelry for girls

Unicorn Sterling Silver Heart Charm Necklace


Because Little Girls absolutely adore Unicorns AND their mommies do too!

A Great gifts for little girls of your life: My Unicorn Sterling Silver Heart Charm Necklace


Unicorn Sterling Silver Heart Charm Necklace

Imagination + Magic = UNICORNS

When we see the little girls of our life, we see them living a imaginative life surrounded by magic, imagination and Unicorns OFF COURSE!!!

Whether they are you daughters, goddaughter, granddaughter, or you kids friend, this Sterling Silver necklace is a great gift

 The absolutely adorable Unicorn Sterling Silver Heart Charm Necklace will not disappoint! 

Little girls LOVE THEM. 

Their moms love it too, so it will be a great mom-daugther gift…


Because Little Girls absolutely Adore Unicorns AND Ladies do too!

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Weight1 oz
Dimensions6 × 3 × 1 in
Necklace Length

14 Inches (35 centimeters), 16 Inches (41 centimeters), 18 Inches (46 centimeters), 20 Inches (51 centimeters), 22 Inches (56 centimeters), 24 Inches (61 centimeters)


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